Welcome to the home of Cetara Boston Terriers - KUSA Member No. 1002159


We live in the heart of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.  We have had Boston Terriers since 2003.  Boston Terriers were part of our family when my mom had her own Boston Terriers so I grew up with the breed. I immediately fell in love with the wrinkly little faces!  I use to tease her and tell her they were ugly but I just loved them!  

Along with our good friends, Yulinda and Karin, we have started a Boston Terrier Club in Pietermaritzburg.  Anyone with a Boston Terrier is welcome to join us.  Please find us on Facebook.

We are proud members of Hills Breeders Association.  We recommend that all our babies are fed Hills and each new owner goes home with a Hills Puppy Pack.

All our Boston Terriers are DNA tested for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts, BAER tested for normal hearing and are checked for luxating patellas.

We show our Boston Terriers in the KUSA shows and strive to breed healthy Bostons.  We have good American and Australian bloodlines.

A Boston Terrier can live up to 15 years old, and this is a lifetime commitment.

Boston Terriers cannot take extreme temperatures, and they are part of our family, and are house dogs. Our Great Danes even love our Boston Terriers!

Cathy Terblanche
Cetara Bostons 

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